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Galería Termal lodos


It consists of applying clay fillings, mixed with medicinal mineral water from the spring, to the body’s joints in a general or local manner. Its approximate temperature is 44º to 45º and it is the doctor who determines this application. It has analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects on the body.


It is a massage that is carried out under showers of medicinal mineral water, in which the thermal mud is used as vehicle of massage, its duration is of aproximatly 25 minutes. It improves the return circulation, at the same time that it reduces muscular contractions. It determines on the organism effects of relaxation, sedation and rest, relieving emotional tensions.

Baño hidromasaje


It consists of a bath with medicinal mineral water, which is done in individual bathtubs with an average duration of 15 minutes. In the form of a hydromassage, air bubbles are added to the water. The application temperature ranges from 37ºC to 39ºC, according to medical prescription.

It determines on the organism analgesic, relaxing and vasodilatory actions. Indications: Rheumatic pathologies, painful processes of the locomotive system, traumatic sequels and dermatological affections.


It is a technique based on staying inside a room, with a high relative humidity and a temperature normally not higher than 42ºC, which favours the transmission of heat achieving a great physical and psychic relaxation.

Galería Termal estufa húmeda


It is a small thermal circuit with a recreational as well as a therapeutic character, composed by: a humid sauna, a pool of mineral-medicinal water at 37º, a corridor with thermal contrast showers, ice and two cabins for manual friction of 5 to 7 minutes. This technique determines an effect of physical relaxation on the body, together with a series of repeated stimuli that originate organic responses of adaptation.


Technique based on the passive mobilization of the client inside the water by a specialized technician. Through the performance of these passive movements, which are favoured by the floating that determines the high mineralization of the water, a state of increasing relaxation is sought that can lead to sleep on the water. It is indicated in painful pathologies of the spine and neurological trunk and extremities, as well as in states of need for relaxation.

Circuito Termal Balnea piscina flotación


Indicated for affections of the respiratory system: chronic and asthmatic bronchitis, allergic asthma, sinusitis, rhinitis, pharyngitis… The respiratory treatment is composed by a series of different applications by means of which the thermal water is put in contact with the mucous of the respiratory system. For this purpose, different techniques are used, such as Nasal wash and gargling, nasopharyngeal nebulization, vaporizations, sonic aerosols. The respiratory treatment is prescribed by the doctor, as well as the rest of the balneotherapy treatments, adapting them to the specific needs of each person.

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